Potato and Roasted Garlic Soup

Before the food allergy apocalypse hit, I was a sucker for those huge 9 x 12 inch gorgeously photographed 200

WW: Living with Food Allergies – Getting Sick while Getting Well

One of the surprising things about having food allergies is the fear of getting sick and whether the process of

Roasted Vegetable Stock

I know. It’s spring. Or, rather, “spring.” The thing is? It’s still pretty cold here, and on top of that,

WW: Living with Food Allergies — Diagnosis

How were your food allergies diagnosed? Denise and I have both posted our diagnosis stories in our blog bios. The

Lime Lollipops

This recipe is part of my campaign to get some candy back in my life, although in all likelihood, at

WW: Daiya Cheese Pizza Review — dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan!

OMG PIZZA! Click the link to go to the product page. I am not sure I’ve ever bought a frozen

Hamburger Green Bean Hot Dish

So, in North Dakota (and, I think, Minnesota), a casserole is called “hot dish.” It’s a simple descriptive name, but

WW: Living with Food Allergies — Identity

“You are what you eat.” Right. So what are you when you can’t eat half the foods that you used