2014-12-26 Fabulous Boxing Day Finds

Bruno wishes you a happy Box Day.
Bruno wishes you a happy Box Day.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Since you might be sick of holiday fare by now, here’s a Carrot Ginger Soup with Indian spices that sounds yummy. 

Or what about not being sick of holiday flavors and making Gingerbread Granola? This is full of nuts, so know that clicking over, but sounds like a good way to continue the holiday snacking in a lighter way.

Also, after all the stress and hubbub leading up to the holidays, a nice stiff drink would also go over very well.  I found this interesting recipe for Pomegranate Liquor. It takes some time to set up, but I need to consider this. Wonder if I could use it to flavor candy as well.

This rainbow fruit salad makes me happy.  Any suggestions on a yellow fruit that isn’t pineapple, though?

Have a great week everyone!


    1. There is a golden version of the kiwi that is bright yellow inside. And some varieties of mango are more on the yello side of orange. Maybe one of those?

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