2014-07-25 Fabulous Friday Finds

Flower of a Sarracenia rosea (carniverous pitcher plant) near Wellesley College's Paramecium Pond
Flower of a Sarracenia rosea (carniverous pitcher plant) near Wellesley College’s Paramecium Pond

Salsa is awesome, right? I prefer making something that’s more interesting than standard tomato salsa, since I can still buy that, and this jicama, mango, and avocado salsa fits that bill. I think this would be great on fish, if you can do that, or just on its own, with all the colors and flavors and textures.

I can think of about 1000 variations on this blackberry-sage spritzer. I wonder how blueberry mint would be (since I have those both in the fridge)?

If you’ve got carrots you don’t know what you want to do with, our friend Mary S. sent me (Denise) this genius sounding recipe for Carrot Cardamom Confiture. It sounds right up my alley and it’s vegan and free of the top 8 allergens, and I can make it corn-free. 

Okay, this is a weird one, and I’d have to sub out the nutritional yeast and the coconut oil, but I’m still thinking I want to give it a go. I give you Zucchini Cheese, which is dairy-free, soy-free and nut-free (except for coconut, but there’s debate about that). I confess that I’m really, really curious about this. I’m wondering if I can do it with lard or olive oil and chickpea miso maybe in place of the nutritional yeast. 

Have a great week everyone!


    1. Wow, I really want to try that zucchini cheese too. (I’d sub in agar for gelatin.) I made vegan cheese out of coconut milk and it was pretty tasty (that wouldn’t work if you’re avoiding coconut, though). That Kitchn spritzer recipe caught my eye this week, too. Blueberry mint sounds like a fun combo as well! Great roundup as usual.

    2. Thanks for posting the link to the zucchini cheese! Please let me know if you try it with lard… it seems to me like that would work, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

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