2014-06-13 Fabulous Friday Finds

Hampton Beach, hosting the Friday Finds this week. It's probably busier than this now that it's warm. Ish.
Hampton Beach, hosting the Friday Finds this week. It’s probably busier than this now that it’s warm. Ish.


I guess I think all caps is somewhat ominous? Eh. Not so much.

What did we find this week?

Our friend Mary of the very green thumbs sent us this link this week: how to preserve herbs. This looks like the easiest one-shot way to put up herbs in the freezer, though precise measurements might be difficult. Then again, herbs? Not usually measured precisely.

I personally usually dump pickle juice down the drain (and then secretly enjoy the smell of pickles for a while), but if I were making my own like Denise is, I would hate to throw out any work at all — so here are 6 ways to use your pickle juice.

Well, it’s officially hotter than hell in my (Denise’s) apartment for the rest of the summer. Seriously, there are times in the winter that we have to open the slider, even though we never have the heat above 60°F. Not sure why the apartment is that hot in general, but you don’t want to bake in the summer much. So that in mind, this recipe for Strawberries in Red Wine, seems like a really easy dessert if you have safe wine, and a good way for me to get rid of some of the excess wine in my apartment. Because there’s a quite a bit. 

Speaking of pickles, I’m determined to lacto-ferment deli-style pickles this summer. Just because. I’ve fermented a bunch of other stuff, why not pickles? This recipe looks like a good one, Half Sours with Garlic Scapes.

So, what did you find this week? Want to share?

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