2014-05-09 Fabulous Friday Finds


The first pretty sourdough bread experiment
The first pretty sourdough bread experiment

Hey, Friday people. Has spring gotten to you yet, wherever you are? It’s starting to show up here, at last.

If you’re spring cleaning, and you’re a fan of the more natural approach, you might be interesting in Apartment Therapy’s roundup of recipes to use on natural wood.

If you’re gearing up for CSA season (or just farmer’s market season), you might be stockpiling good vegetable recipes. This set of tips on braising, which I (Mary Kate) have always liked but never perfected, might be useful to you as well.

In “so annoying I (Denise) want to smack someone” news, as of last Friday night, I’ve confirmed that sesame is on my big no-no allergy list. Here’s a nice link for what to avoid for a sesame allergy, that I will need to add to my ridiculous comprehensive allergen list that I keep on Google Docs. I could go get tested, but the hives, the itching, tingling, and swelling of my mouth and tongue, the residual facial swelling for the next couple of days, and the allergy hangover I had for three days, is proof enough for me. 

I also tried this Glutenfree Sourdough Bread recipe last week. I followed the recipe as is, but I used guar gum instead of xanthan gum. It had a odd aftertaste, but it was beautiful and looks like bread. But you know what? I think I don’t love guar gum and brown rice flour.  I tried two further experiments this past weekend, leaving out the guar gum altogether, and subbing out the brown rice flour for oat flour in one experiment and for millet in the second.  I think the oat wins, as the millet loaf baked strangely – the top half of the loaf was dried out and the bottom half was sticky. The oat version wasn’t as pretty as the original bread, but there was much less of an aftertaste. The bread still needs to be toasted, I can’t eat it as just as bread, but it makes good toast, and pretty killer garlic bread.  So far, the best dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, relatively corn-free safe for me option I’ve tried. And even the less successful attempts will make good bread crumbs I think.

Happy weekend, everyone. Hope it’s sunny where you are. And here. I hope it’s sunny here, too.

Last thought — we are putting the essay series on hiatus while we work on some larger topics. But what might you be interested in hearing about? Let us know in the comments.

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