2014-05-02 Fabulous Friday Finds

SPRING. Okay, spring from 5 years ago in Atlanta, but still. Spring.
SPRING. Okay, spring from 5 years ago in Atlanta, but still. Spring.

First Friday in May — is it spring yet, where you are? It’s not all that sure yet here in New England, so I give you an old spring instead.

Do you know the difference between jelly and jam? What about conserves and preserves? And marmalade? I admit to utter confusion on most of those (though I’ve got jelly and jam figured), but this post at the kitchn covers all the bases. The only thing I’ve made off that list was fruit butter — when I had an apple tree, I made a pretty awesome apple butter.

Top Chef, Season 12 — I must admit, I love this show — is apparently filming this fall in Boston. The Braiser had a wish list for the season, but I’ve got one to add — I would love to see the chefs work with Ming Tsai, whose Blue Ginger restaurant we reviewed last year, and who is a leader in allergy education in the restaurant kitchen.

FARE is doing a Food Allergy Awareness Action Month. Go check out their blog post to see what you can do to help.

In Denise making weird stuff news, as as a side project to the apple pie filling I canned last weekend, I decided to use the peels and cores to make Apple Cider Vinegar from scratch. Why not? I’ve been fermenting everything else. 

The sun was peeking out here by the end of the day yesterday. Here’s hoping this weekend really acts like spring, it’s May already!


    1. It’s been feeling an awful lot like spring around here in NYC! That probably just jinxed it, but I’m enjoying it for now, anyway. 🙂

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