2014-04-11 Fabulous Friday Finds

Only a month or two away...
Only a month or two away…


It’s Friday and it’s finally looking like spring a bit. 

My friend Mary, the kale whisperer and gardener extraordinaire, has very kindly agreed to grow some serious crazy bad-ass peppers (1 million scoville units+ woo-hoo!) and some “regular” hot peppers for me (Denise), and they’ve sprouted. This Green Curry Jam from Hannah Kaminsky is one I will probably try once the harvest comes in, unless spice crazy squirrels or chipmunks run off with them. 

And because spring comes with nasty black flies and mosquitoes, here’s a blog post with two versions of DIY bug spray that will be okay for peeps with coconut allergies. Keep in mind I haven’t tried either of them, but if you give them a go, please let us know. I’ll probably try the Wellness Mama’s concoction first, as I’d just have to get witch hazel.  

Given that it’s getting warm during the day, but it’s still cool at night, it’s still time for curries — and this Sri Lankan curry dhal sounds fascinatingly different — it does contain coconut milk, but if that’s an issue, I am guessing that cashew milk might work here.

And lastly, it’s Peeps season. Wilton has a line of Peeps products — pans, molds, cupcake liners — and Forks and Beans, your go-to blog for re-creating any random candy you might want, has a recipe. I bought the silicon mold, and I really want chocolate-covered marshmallow Peeps.

May all the nasty dirt covered piles of snow disappear over the weekend! Have a great one everyone!

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