2014-02-14 Fabulous Friday Finds

Our 200th post needed some great Art.
Our 200th post needed some great Art.

It’s Friday, and it has been annoyingly cold and snowy this week once again. I (Denise) recently told a friend that if I met Father Winter in person I’d beat him to death with a shovel myself. I know that’s fairly violent, but we are talking about fictional characters here.

So I’ve been thinking ahead to spring, and the possibility that my friend Mary, who is one of the kindest people in the world and who is going try to grow peppers for me this year, will get a bumper crop (I’m knocking on wood so as not to jinx myself and have all of them eaten by mutant chipmunks or something). If there are lots of peppers, this is one of the things I think I’d like to make: Southern Pepper Sauce

I was mixing up some Taco Seasoning (see our Taco Beef post) and I realized that I’m really low on chili powder. And that I just placed a ridiculously large order with Penzey’s a couple of weeks ago, and that I wouldn’t be able to scare up enough other stuff for free shipping. So I went and did my Google-fu to see if I could find a recipe because, seriously, with the amount of spices I have in this house, I should be able to make it myself. I found the Soup Addict’s DIY Freshly Ground Chili Powder

I (Mary Kate) have found this winter to have been too draining to contemplate violence. Mostly I’m trying to retain some sort of belief in spring. Most of the time? Failing. Snow itself isn’t too bad — so long as you can stay inside on the couch with tea while watching it through the window.

I’m only feeling vaguely food-oriented, so amuse yourself with the following:

And from both of us to all of you, Happy Valentine’s Day. Click that link to go to chocolate. Because, just because.

Hope you all have a great weekend full of sun and chocolate.

(Photo credits: Frangipani kaleidescope from a manipulated wikipedia photo that may actually be plumeria, please don’t ask me about non-edible plants; seahorse cropped from a free wallpaper; Pluto and Tethys photos from NASA)

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