2014-01-24 Fabulous Friday Finds

Weird Cacti in Tucson Botanical Gardens because it's too cold here.
Weird Cacti in Tucson Botanical Gardens because it’s too cold here.

It seems there have been more online discussions of food allergies, food sensitivities, and eating out lately. Some restaurants are doing really well at accommodating patrons with allergies, and for some reason, this seems to really annoy some internet commenters. But then again, existence seems to annoy some internet commenters, so maybe the bar there is pretty low? This article seemed very balanced to me — acknowledging that special requests can be a pain in a busy, fast-paced kitchen, as well as acknowledging that food allergies and sensitivities are real and safe restaurant practice involves the entire staff providing good customer service.

I plan to spend some time with this list of recipes from Brazen Kitchen. Pretty sure that I need to make (and demolish) this pumpkin-pecan caramel pie thing (contains nuts and coconut).

I made this bread this weekend — it was not as pretty as the photos, but it was the most successful gluten-free vegan bread I’ve managed in the several years I’ve been living without bread.

To leave you with a happy thought, I’ve locked on to the idea of particular doughnut, inspired by snow — a raised doughnut, filled with a chocolate coconut cream and raspberry jam, covered with powdered sugar. I think this recipe (so seasonal, even) might be a good starting point.

So, it’s still January here in New Hampshire, and it’s been in the single digits most of the week. Which I (Denise) find highly annoying. I’m freezing. So this week I was poking around for spicy warm stuff. Because I don’t do that enough normally apparently. In any case, I found a slow cooker Aloo Gobi that’s vegan and gluten free, and I don’t think I’ll have to sub out anything except use safe for me oil. Woo hoo!

I also found a recipe for Hara Bhara Kabab, which apparently a spinach, pea, and potato fried little appetizer-y patty thing, that sounds yummy.  Again, vegan and gluten free and not a lot I’d have to sub out. 

And lastly in keeping with this theme, a Samosa-Stuffed Sweet Potato with Cinnamon Cayenne Cream which is vegan and gluten free.  The cream is made with cashews, but it’s used as a garnish so if you have nut allergies you could skip it. 

I’m also still missing pasta, raviolis, eggrolls, empandas and samosas and things in that realm. I know I’ve been saying I’m going to get around to trying to make pasta, but maybe I’ll get my act together soon. In thinking about that, I found this recipe for Quinoa Ravioli stuffed with Mushroom and Olive Tapenade. Now, I’m not touching a mushroom with thirty foot pole (not allergic, just don’t like them), but the dough looks fabulous.   

Hope you all have a good week and that it’s warmer where you are!

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