2014-01-17 Fabulous Friday Finds

Dude! It's Breaux Mart!
Dude! It’s Breaux Mart!

Friday Finds hosted by Breaux Mart, New Orleans grocery chain, and by far Mary Kate’s favorite joke that no one else finds funny. What can I say? I have an odd sense of humor?  (Yes, yes, you do -Denise)

So, it is possible that I’ve linked this recipe for chai pancakes before, but I’m linking it now because I’ve made them, and they are fabulous. I did change a few things — I subbed out the banana for applesauce, and I used ground psyllium because that’s what I could find. The ground psyllium may have absorbed more liquid, because I had to add a little extra in the morning, but these may be the best gluten-free pancakes I’ve had yet.

Speaking of breakfast, I’ve finally sort of gotten tired of hash browns every single day — not that I plan to cut them out, but I could use some new options. This quinoa breakfast cereal sounds pretty good, and it would be heartier than oatmeal or the other hot cereals I’ve tried. I’d sub out pumpkin for the banana.

I think it’s the disgusting winter we’ve had so far (unlike the midwest, New England’s been a little warmer than normal, which doesn’t mean we’ve been tropical, but rather that our normal winter snow has instead been mostly rain), but I have this itch to grow things. I’m not good with plants — they require regular care and protection from a certain tabby cat’s attentions. But I love the idea of growing things from bits I’d throw out. I’ve done the scallions, and it works for a few weeks. (Sorry, Denise, stealing your pins again.)

I  (Denise) found this on Pinterest, and I actually need to make it. It’s a Kitchen Tablet Holder. I could use it to hold my Kindle Fire while I try to make stuff in the kitchen. Or this will end up somehow causing me another strange kitchen injury. (I saw that on your Pinterest! If I had a tablet, I would absolutely be making that — MK)

Found this great Pear, Riesling and Ginger Sorbet recipe that I’m dying to try. There’s a lot of wine in my apartment. And yeah, I’m aware there may be bad things in my wine, like eggs, milk, fish, shellfish and wheat, but I”m not anaphylactic to those things yet, and have not experienced a reaction yet as a result.  So I’m not listening (hands over ears while trying to balance a wine glass in my mouth). But do what’s safe for you, don’t listen to the idiot in the corner over here with her wine bottle, smiling herself silly. 

And here’s a recipe for Gluten Free and Vegan Chocolate Sandwich cookies, that I may be able to modify sufficiently to be corn and almond free. I’m still seeking a safe shortening. I’m tolerating Spectrum for now, but I am concerned that I’ll begin cross reacting with palm due to the coconut thing, and there are some people with corn allergies reacting to it due to processing and/or packaging. I’ve been considering lard (I know, I know) but the commercial brands have citric acid, which is a no-no for me due to the corn allergy. So, I kid you not, I’m considering rendering my own. Check it out here. And maybe I can make some sort of margarine substitution with it. Sigh. 

Have a great week everyone!

P.S. For anyone using a reader, sorry for the premature post-and-rip last night. I (Mary Kate) hit the wrong button.

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