2013-11-29 Fabulous Friday

So we did Thanksgiving, and we had too much food and too much turkey coma to be organized about finding

Thanksgiving, Apocalyptic

So this will be our second Thanksgiving on this blog, and we’re really happy that you’re all here and reading

Roasted Autumn Vegetables with a Balsamic Glaze

It’s fall (I’m not discussing the “winter” word yet, although it snowed here yesterday) with all those yummy, carbohydrate-filled veggies

2013-11-22 Fabulous Friday Finds

So, I (Denise) had a catastrophe with one of my chile ristra (strings) I brought back from Tucson. It wasn’t

Maple Dill Carrots

I made this recipe one day when I needed comfort food and then made it about 10 more times in

2013-11-15 Fabulous Friday Finds

H.R. 2094 passed Congress yesterday and has been signed by President Obama. It allows schools to have (and use) emergency

Homemade Cranberry Sauce – 4 Variations

So, as some of you may remember from last year’s Turkey, Turkey Stock, and Turkey Rice Soup with Kale – Denise’s

2013-11-08 Fabulous Friday Finds

So neither Denise nor I made it out to the Food Allergy Bloggers’ conference (maybe next year?), but want to