Summer Strawberry Spinach Salad

So far this summer in New Hampshire, we’ve had sweltering heat interspersed with rainy cool weather. Given the quick changes,

2013-07-26 Fabulous Friday Finds

Well, it’s Friday once again! Before we get into some more fun stuff, I just wanted to update you about

15 Minute Salsa

Since I also cannot buy salsa during this whole elimination torture thing (most have celery and onion, which are two

2013-07-19 Fabulous Friday Finds

And it’s Friday once again, which is sad because it means my (Denise’s) vacation is over, but we do have

Lazy Summer Classic Smoothies: Creamsicle

It’s summer. It’s too hot to cook, but you need a mid-afternoon snack to get you through until dinner. Or

2013-07-12 Fabulous Friday Finds

Amanda over at Celiac and Allergy Adventures posted a review of some Enjoy Life cookies/bars/snack things.  As someone who is

Taco Beef for Tacos, Salads, and Nachos

So I was going totally nutty because I’ve not been eating much except rice, salad, steamed or roasted vegetables and

2013-07-5 Fabulous Friday Finds

We hope you had a fabulous July 4th, and that some of our previous posts on cookout food were helpful.