2013-06-28 Fabulous Friday Finds

So here we are once again and it’s Friday! I (Denise) managed to can some corn free jalapeno hot sauce

Red Lentil Dal Burger

I LOVE dal.  It’s almost a perfect food — cheap, easy to make, adaptable, tasty…  But it can be difficult,

2013-06-21 Fabulous Friday Finds

I’m going to guess Denise might have a better “first day of summer” photo than this beautiful martini from Bismarck,

Hot Italian Sausage Burgers with Peppers and Onions

As we’ve previously discussed, since it’s summer, we need things to grill outside, which means burgers.  I made this burger

2013-06-14 Fabulous Friday Finds

So I’m (Denise) having a tough time with the corn being an actual allergy thing. Because it’s in everything.  And

Tiffany's Artichoke Dip

When I was in graduate school, we had a lot of parties.  I’m a nerdy sort, so these weren’t “trash

2013-06-07 Fabulous Friday Finds

First Friday in June, and we’ve seen a lot of summer already in New Hampshire.  What are you looking at?

Margarita Tropical Fruit Salad

So, last weekend it snowed in New Hampshire, and this weekend it’s been 95°F all weekend. Hilarious. I don’t handle