2013-12-20 Fabulous Friday Finds


Christmas on the Common (Boston) hosts the Fabulous Friday Finds
Christmas on the Common (Boston) hosts the Fabulous Friday Finds

Hey, what do you all do this week? Because in New Hampshire, mostly, we shoveled. Winter is fully here, despite its official start tomorrow, and a white Christmas seems inevitable. Yippee?

So what did we read this week?

Mary Kate is still thinking about cookies. Chocolate crinkle cookies, in fact. Or maybe orange-cranberry cookies. There can never be too many cookies.

Homemade coffee syrups are also looking promising. I think I may have stolen this from one of Denise’s pinboards (sorry!) (You did!! – Denise) 

I found brown rice tortillas at the Trader Joe’s, and they aren’t bad (though, really, a flexible tortilla like you can make with gluten-filled flour would be amazing, really). I think that this quick cilantro lime chicken might be great with/in the tortillas. With guacamole, of course. And it’d make a great break from what tends to be heavy and complicated holiday fare. (NOTE: Brown rice tortillas go moldy very quickly.)

Since Christmas is nearly upon us, check out this article from FARE on 6 Tips for Celebrating the Holidays with Food Allergies.  Also FARE has recently (?), or I just noticed it, added a section for adults managing food allergies. I really appreciate this because when I was first diagnosed, everything I read seemed focused on kids. 

Since I’m working on extracts for candies, I liked the looks of this recipe for cinnamon extract and started some this weekend. I’m pretty sure I can make some hard candy that’s reminiscent of red hots. 

Also, Mary Kate sent me a pin for Sriracha Quinoa Millet Cranberry Orange Peanut Granola. There’s a few ingredients I’d have to switch out, but I’m pretty sure I need to try this.

Lastly, since I’ve been making my own spice mixes and I love all kinds of flavors (except the mushrooms, I hate mushrooms), these recipes for Porcini Salt, Smoked Paprika and Ancho Salt, Celery Salt, Lime-Ginger Salt, Herbes de Provence Salt, and Curry Salt look great. Some of them might also make quick gifts for your foodie friends. (Porcini salt sounds amazing. — Mary Kate)

Hope you all have a great holiday season!

    1. Too true, there can never be too many cookies! Sounds like fun times ahead, even if it’s mostly been shoveling in recent days. Fingers crossed for a just-white-enough Christmas!

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