2013-08-23 Fabulous Friday Finds

Bumblebee on a thistle at our kale whisperer's house
Bumblebee on a thistle at our kale whisperer’s house

Hey, it’s Friday again. Comes around rather regularly, doesn’t it? And you get linkage.

And apparently being on vacation makes me hungry for snack food? I don’t know. I do know I found some good snacky recipes that will add nicely to the stash of snacks I keep at work — and be healthier than the weird gluten-free snack foods I buy at the Ocean State Job Lots. I’ve not made, but have had, roasted crunchy chickpeas before. They are fantastic as a crunchy topping for salads or stews, but also pretty good just for eating. I imagine these might keep just fine in small jars for a few weeks. I also found roasted garlic pumpkin seeds, which I have never had but now really want to try. Don’t they sound amazing? If I remember right, pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, are high in iron, and as a chronic anemic, that’s why I started eating them occasionally. I find them okay, but a bit boring, but garlic fixes everything, right?

This is only vaguely food related, but I saw this Natalie Dee comic and thought of Denise. Poor Denise. (Except it’s been way, way longer than that!!! -D)

I am going to have to go out on a limb and disagree with the venerable Miss Manners answer to this question about guests with food allergies. No, I don’t think the party host needs to accommodate ridiculous demands for expensive foods. But I think that in a case where a frequent guest has many allergies — whether you believe they are “real” or not is frankly irrelevant — inviting him or her to bring their own food seems most kind and hospitable. Most of us with food issues don’t expect to be catered to, and would be more comfortable bringing our own food — or food to share, even — rather than spend our social time quizzing the cooks about ingredients and preparation methods. (Ditto.  – D)

So this week I’ve been craving pasta.  A lot.  I found this pasta recipe from Eating Whole that I’d like to try and I also bought a box of brown rice pasta to try although friends who are gluten free have not liked brown rice pasta in general (not this specific product).  I’ll report back, but I’m probably waiting a bit because I’m challenging potato (I want your fingers crossed, that’s an order) this weekend, and I can’t try to eat the canned tomatoes I found without citric acid, but are still making me nervous anyway, at the same time without knowing which is problem.

FARE has a new action plan for food allergy reactions for students, but you know, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have for your work place to have on file, or for you to give to your non-allergic spouse/partner/bff/family member/roommate/neighbor/etc. to have on hand or for you to have in your wallet or purse in case something happens.

I’ve been working on making my own condiments, of hey, let’s say everything, because of the whole corn thing.  I just found this recipe for oyster sauce that can be gluten and corn free that I may have to try.

I’m still working on finding a decent bread recipe, since I’ve pretty much given up finding a commercial bread that’s dairy, egg, corn, wheat and flax free (you can stop laughing at any time), and I might try this one which is a sourdough, subbing out the xanthan gum (corn), and which has a link for a recipe for doing a gluten free sourdough starter.  Why not?  It can go right next to the fermenting sauerkraut.

And a very happy birthday to my (Denise’s) husband Shawn because it’s his birthday today, even though he doesn’t read the blog 🙂

Hope you have a great weekend everyone!  Send us cool stuff to share!

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