2013-08-09 Fabulous Friday Finds

Sea Turtle at the New England Aquarium
Sea Turtle at the New England Aquarium

Hello, Friday friends. Let’s read some random stuff from the internet, hey?

While generally I advise against reading internet comments (to each her own, but I often don’t have the sanity to spare), I’m going to tell you to read the comments here — Molly’s written about grocery shopping with celiac and asked for your stories, too. Ready to tell yours?

Not exactly food-related, but Corinne went to Spain. I’m jealous, but she’s shared photos.

I recently had reason to check out the Boloco website, only to discover the EASIEST ingredient/allergen list that I’ve seen or used. Boloco has a few things going for it — they source primarily real food ingredients (versus processed foods), so overall there are fewer ingredients to contend with, and they make everything to order, so it’s easy to get only what you want on your food. Now, if cross-contamination concerns area an issue for you, I would be a little more hesitant, but at least at our local, a request to change gloves would be easily accommodated; I’d be more concerned about re-used utensils in the ingredient containers. This place is a good bet for me, though. (I like the Cajun, sans sour cream.)

While not specifically food allergy related, here’s a neat photographic series showing what 200 calories looks like in different foods.  While I’m (Denise) not a diet and/or lose weight kind of person, it’s fascinating regardless.

I came across a blog post which was discussed in the Corn Allergy & Intolerance Group on Facebook.  Apparently, the woman’s daughter tested positive for a lentil allergy using the scratch test, when using Amy’s Lentil Soup, and fresh cooked lentils, but not when using the lentil extract normally used by the allergist.  Sort of gives one pause about the state of diagnostic medicine with respect to food allergies.

And for those of you that are contact sensitive to some of your allergens (for me, coconut), here’s a DIY Mosquito Repellent which is coconut free, and made from essential oils.

And should we end with happiness? MUPPETS. More Muppets. The world always needs more Muppets. (We’re totally going to see that movie – Denise)

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