2013-07-12 Fabulous Friday Finds

Jellyfish at the New England Aquarium
Jellyfish at the New England Aquarium

Amanda over at Celiac and Allergy Adventures posted a review of some Enjoy Life cookies/bars/snack things.  As someone who is addicted to their chocolate bars (the ones with the crunchy rice bits in), and ever-grateful for the ready availability of their chocolate chips, as well as being too lazy to make snacks sometimes, these sound like a good possibility.

Sorry, nut-allergic readers (and Denise), but I did have to share this recipe from Oh She Glows for a chocolate mousse pie. Contains almonds and coconut.  I had a plan for the joint birthday staff meeting treats next Monday, but this may change it (then again, I am pretty set on doughnuts, and I already bought the sprinkles, so maybe not).

Pakora! It’s as fun to say as it looks good to eat — batter-fried veggies.  How can you say no?  (MK, you stole the link I was going to use.  Obviously we need to try to make these. -D)

I found this article about gut bacteria in Mother Jones, and having a healthy micro-organism ecosystem and how it can affect our health.  I don’t really care about the weight loss focus, because I’m fairly comfortable with my (Denise’s) reality of being a person of size (see how diplomatic I can be when I try?), but it’s a fascinating article nonetheless.  Wonder if bacterial issues will ever be linked to adult on-set food allergies? I can daydream about someday being able to eat whatever I want again due to a miracle cure, right?  Sigh.

I also came across this blog post about service dogs being used to detect food allergens for people who have life threatening allergies.  Apparently a organization called Angel Service Dogs is training them.  Not something I (Denise) need, and besides, I’m allergic to dogs, but it’s interesting.

I recently made and canned this Dijon mustard, using apple cider vinegar because I didn’t have any white wine vinegar and subbing out the onion powder for garlic powder, because I still have to challenge onion tomorrow to see if I’m really allergic to it.  Cross your fingers please, I’d really, really would like to have onion back in my life. The mustard was yummy, and now I have one of my condiments back!

Hope you all have a really great week and let us know if you find cool stuff out there!

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