2013-03-01 Fabulous Friday Finds

Veggies, a la Denise and Mary Kate playing with Photoshop too much
Veggies, a la Denise and Mary Kate playing with Photoshop too much

March!  For the new month, we’ve brought you the first phase of a blog overhaul!  Please (kindly) let us know what you think of the updates in the comments.  I’d say we’re here to please you, but no, we’re here because we enjoy it — we want you to enjoy it, too. Also, from now on when you see a post written by “stfaa”  (it’s the acronym for “surviving the food allergy apocalypse”), it means that Denise and Mary Kate have jointly written the post, like our first restaurant review, and the Fabulous Friday Find posts.

Cornmeal crust chili pizza.  Corinne of sparecake and I made this recipe this weekend, and while it tasted good, I have to say the dough is a bit hard to work with.  In the areas where I was able to get it thin and smooth, it was pretty good.  The thicker areas were a bit dry, which happens with gluten-free baked goods sometimes.  It’s worth giving it another go.

On my list of things to try, and soon — this vegan feast of dal and bhati.

Lentil sloppy joes?  In the crock pot?  Yeah, I’d eat that.

And for anyone looking for a non-medical way to aid digestion, how about yoga for your gut?  Check out these poses.

Here’s a great recipe for Japanese Ginger Salad Dressing, which I’ve been trying to find to match the dressing at my local Japanese place.  Maybe this one will be the one.

For those of us that can eat gluten, but can’t eat eggs, here’s an Eggless Fresh Pasta recipe.  I used to make my own homemade raviolis when I could still eat eggs, and I’d love to try making them again.  I used to stuff mine with chicken and roasted red pepper ground up together, and then served it with a salsa rosa sauce (tomato and cream).  Once I get a dairy free salsa rosa sauce together, I’ll let you all know.

And as we head towards St. Patrick’s day, here’s a yummy looking Beef and Irish Stout Stew. It does have gluten, but you could use rice flour to thicken and some gluten free beer instead of Guinness.

Hope you all have a great week, and you’ll let us know about what you think about the blog overhaul, and if you find any cool stuff to share.


    1. It’s true, the chili pizza thing is worth playing around with, it was decent, just not amazing.

      Um and apparently I have the memory of a goldfish, as I IMMEDIATELY forgot what the blog used to be like, but I like the menus (indexes?) and comment feed on the right…

    2. I think the Asian Dressing will work well tossed in the Asian cole slaw with the slivered almonds and crushed ramen.

    3. Recipes for this coleslaw are everywhere and don’t vary from one to the other except with the dressing. I have used a commercial dressing but I can’t remember the name right now. Here is the link though to the All Recipe.com site. This is a great salad to make for a cookout or one of our offices potluck. Mary Kate knows this slaw, too, we have enjoyed it together at a potluck.

    4. Corinne — I guess that means this one is so good it wiped the other one out of your mind? 🙂 And thanks, Molly. We were, as Denise said, being silly when we took the photo, and sillier when it was “edited.”

      And yep, I know that salad — I think that the original recipe, Deb, had an altered Italian dressing (you added soy and ginger), and after that, the Wasabi Soy from Cape Cod dressings was a favorite. Basically, since it’s a bag o’ slaw and crushed raw ramen, plus dressing and add ins (dried fruit and/or nuts), it’s super easy. I haven’t tried it with a rice noodle to see if it can be de-glutened. I should.

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