2012-10-5 Fabulous Friday Finds


It’s Friday and here we are again.  Though if we’re honest, Mary Kate can’t remember exactly which bridge this is, but thinks it’s in New York.  Anyone?

Tasty, easy fall food that makes multiple servings and looks like it reheats well?  COOOL

Although neither Mary Kate nor I have children, this Food Allergy Safety Course designed for babysitters working for parents with children who have food allergies has been posted at the Allergy Free Table.  It also might not be a bad idea to send to family members that just don’t get it, and think that just a little won’t be a problem. The Allergy Free Table also has a little mini course on reading food labels if you’re new to food allergies.

Also if you are a smart phone junkie, here’s a post that lists the Top 10 Apps for Allergies 2012. In addition to this list, I also I found an app from What’s in This Stuff for my Android phone, which was free. I like it so far, but you do have to add every ingredient that you have a problem with, such as milk, nonfat dry milk, skim milk, etc, etc, if you want it highlighted as a problem when you scan the bar code. But the nice thing is when you scan or search it kicks up all the ingredients, which you can then click on to see what the ingredient is, if you don’t recognize whatever alphabet soup they’re calling some chemical or food derivative.  I’ll be testing further and will report back.  Also, if you don’t have a smart phone, you can also do the same thing on their website.

I also found a list of gluten-free beers, since it is October.  Check them out for your Oktoberfest-ing activities.

I’m not a huge fan of cream-based soups, generally, but I know I’m in the minority, and I also know that they are near impossible when you’ve got allergies.  This isn’t nut-free, as it’s cashew-based, but if you can have cashews and miss cream of potato soup, try this Cream Cheese Potato Soup.

I can’t wait to try this roasted onion dish with some of the cippolini onions my veg stand has.

Found anything worth sharing this week?


    1. Hello, this is the co-founder of WhatsInThisStuff.com. I appreciate your comments about our site. I just wanted to let your readers know that we’re working hard on having the site add groups of ingredients (like the milk example mentioned above) with a single click rather than all individually. Any other feedback we can get to make the site better is much appreciated!

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