2012-10-26 – Fabulous Friday Finds

2010 Bridge, Montreal
2010 Bridge, Montreal

More fun things we found to share. QuiBoston Vegetarian Food Festival, October 27 and 28, 2012ck reminder — if you are in the Boston area, this weekend is the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival!  Even if you aren’t vegetarian (neither of us are), the vegetarian community is masterful at substitutions and producers of packaged vegan foods are generally very aware of ingredients and food allergies.  It’s free admission and free parking (rare in Boston), so check it out.  We plan to.

So you may remember that I’m allergic to coconut. It’s in deodorant too. So I’m not so allergic at this point that I’m going to make my own, but for those of you that are, and in the event that I become more sensitive to coconut derivatives, I found two posts with recipes for making your own.  The first is a Homemade Probiotic Deodorant (it has coconut oil in it, but I would sub that out, probably with cocoa butter) and the second has one that’s just cornstarch, baking soda and tea tree oil, and the other is more of paste and uses coconut oil, but I would sub that out. I’ve also considered whether I could use a variant of a lotion bar with baking soda and essential oils in it.  But only if I really, really have to.

And since I’m concerned with whether palm is close enough to coconut and whether I should get tested for that too since palm is in everything too, (many who are allergic to coconut are also allergic to palm), here’s a recipe for a palm/coconut free vegan butter.  Yes, I know. This is crazy, right?  But what else can you do? Click on the printable recipe link for the recipe.

And because it’s fall and we need warm comfort food, and because there’s never enough Sriracha, I found a recipe for Baked Sriracha Potato Chips.  I’m having a religious experience just sitting here thinking about them, even though I haven’t tried the recipe yet. (We need to make that.  — mk)

Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate.  Really, what more needs to be said?

If you’re still gearing up for Halloween, consider your purchases.  I think anyone with food allergies or intolerances gets very familiar with ingredients lists, and if your allergies are severe enough, with food processing and sourcing as well.  Which leads to considerations of environmental health and practices, but also, for me, to labor practices.  All of these affect chocolate production, and the issue goes deeper than we generally have on this blog, but this post from Rage Against the Minivan discusses not only the ethics of chocolate production, but how your purchasing power can be used or shifted to favor and balance with your own values and concerns.

I LOVE Indian food, and chana masala is one of my favorites.  As soon as I find a few of these ingredients,  I am trying this chana masala recipe. (MK, I was going to post this one later, lol – D)

Lasagna? Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free?  Yes.

Found anything worth sharing this week?

    1. Either of you ever end up making deodorant? I think I need to find an aluminum free one (instead of eventually turning the armpits of my shirts white, in Greece apparently I just turn half the friggin side of the shirt black?? D=) but I can’t read ingredients lists in Greek so… maybe making something would be good? Not that I could find all the ingredients for that probiotic one linked in this article, either. Oy.

      1. I haven’t yet, because I’m still doing okay enough that I’m spending time on the other fish I have to fry 🙂 I know Mary Kate tried it, but didn’t seem to have good luck with it. She’ll probably chime in though 🙂

        1. ok turns out there was one labeled 0% that had no nothing (including no aluminum) in it at the supermarket, so i can avoid slathering coconut oil or whatever in my armpits.

    2. I tried one recipe from Crunchy Betty’s collection, but no, I didn’t really like the consistency. I also had the problem that my apartment stays pretty warm all summer, so anything coconut oil-based ends up the consistency of soup. And most of the recipes are coconut oil-based. But look through the Crunchy Betty recipes — and the forums. You’ll get lots of options there.

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