2012-08-31: Fabulous Friday Finds

Blair Bridge, Campton, NH
Blair Bridge, Campton, NH

Here is what we’ve learned, read, and found to share with you this week.

Is cooking a chore sometimes?  YES.  Should you do it anyway?  Yes.  Do you have much of a choice when you have food allergies?  This article from Slate discusses two of those questions.

That reminded me of this great post from a few months back from The Fat Nutritionist.  Do you do Thanksgiving, but can’t manage Wednesday dinner?  This is your post.

Good reason to move to Paris?  I wish I could grow things, but I’ve gotten about 10 leaves off my thyme this summer.  At least it’s not dead… yet.

Of ketchup, taste, and Malcolm Gladwell (who is on my reading list, but not yet on my nightstand), read this.  For those who like deep thought with their fries.

One of the things I found this week poking around was a recipe for Sushi Napolean, that looks easy enough that I could even do it.  It’s vegan, but you could add whatever fillings you wanted.

Since I’ve had no luck in finding a commercial coffee creamer that I like and I can use, my plan is to try to make a cashew milk.  This is obviously not for anyone who is allergic to tree nuts, and I’ll have to omit the almond extract, but I’m going to give it a go.  I’ll report back, and I’ll be crossing my fingers.  I miss half and half desperately.

Fall is coming quickly upon us, and this cake is allergy free, vegan, and gluten free, and consists almost entirely of apples.  So how could that be bad?  So check out the Apple & Caramel Cake at Aioli Cuisine.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone, and if you see cool stuff out there, let us know!  And come back Monday for a special holiday recipe.

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