2012-08-24: Fabulous Friday Finds

Summer Palace Bridge, Beijing (China)
Summer Palace Bridge, Beijing (China)

And we’re back with week 2 of our Friday Fabulous Finds, after another week of goofing off on the web.  Mary Kate and I are happy to provide a bridge (haha) to specific resources, projects and generally neat stuff, so you don’t have to spend your time surfing the net. Unless that’s what you want to do, and, hey if it is, forward us some neat links and stuff.

In the meantime, here’s what we found this week:

Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, October 27 and 28, 2012If you’re in Boston or anywhere in the region, check out the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, coming up in October.  This is a GREAT way to learn about new food products that tend towards the healthy side of things.  In general, I’ve found vegetarian and vegan resources, being very aware of ingredients and choosing to remove foods from your diet, to be very accommodating and helpful when dealing with food allergies.  Did I mention it’s free?  Parking too?

This is an oddly designed, but interesting and informative on food history — and I can’t resist anything in a time line format: Food Timeline.

The latest issue of VegNews is out to subscribers and should be on news stands soon.  If you have a dairy allergy or intolerance and miss cheese, this may be your issue!  VegNews is primarily a vegan magazine, so all their recipes are dairy and egg-free.  This issue contains many reviews of non-dairy cheeses, some of which I’ve seen locally and most which I have not.  But it also contains, excitingly, recipes to make your own — brie, buffalo mozarella, cream cheese, and more.  Most of these are nut-based, so they won’t suit the nut-allergic, and many of them call for soy yogurt, making them potentially unsuitable for those with soy issues.  We plan to test several of these recipes with soy (which Denise can eat) and potentially coconut (which Mary Kate can eat).  Look for those in the future.

Do you ever look up recipes on aggregation sites like food.com or allrecipes.com?  Have you ever found the comments less than helpful?  Do you like satire, crowd-sourced?  Check out this fantastic Food.com recipe for ice cubes.  I haven’t gotten through all the comments, but they are truly fantastic.

One of the neat things I found this week that I’d like to try is a recipe called potato angels which tries to replace deviled eggs.  I really miss deviled eggs.  So this is tempting and it doesn’t look that hard.

I also found a new chocolate cake recipe to try which contains no dairy or eggs, but which does contain regular flour, so it is not gluten-free.  But it also contains mostly “regular” ingredients, and is not on an allergy site, so I’m interested in checking it out.

And in other baking news, I found this really good article on How to Substitute Eggs and Binding Agents when you can’t use eggs in gluten free baking.  Even though I can have gluten (although Mary Kate cannot), the article is also helpful for me since I can’t eat eggs and I’m having issues with my attempts at egg replacement, since I also can’t have flax or coconut.  I may have to do some tests with this list and report back.  And if anyone has suggestions or good experiences with egg replacement in baking, please let us know.

And for those of you who can have wheat and pecans, here’s a vegan sticky bun recipe that I’ve been using for some time.  I’ve made it several times, and the first time I had them, I literally cried.  It was like I could have the sticky buns at Panera again. And it didn’t taste funny or “good enough” for an allergy recipe, it was real and perfect. And I fed them to people without food allergies and they loved them. And damn, I think I’m going to have to make them some time next week when I’m on vacation.

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