2013-02-01 Fabulous Friday Finds: Green Cleaning Links Roundup

Everything In Its Place
Everything In Its Place

To cap our series on cleaning and such, let’s share some cleaning tips written by other people.

Got a garbage disposal?  I’m jealous.  I don’t.  But this sounds like it would work quite well — lemon ice cubes with vinegar.

Got a dishwasher?  AGAIN, I’m jealous.  I *am* the dishwasher.  But if you do have one, and want to make your own detergent, Crunchy Betty has the recipe for you.

Got some clutter you’d like to deal with?  Here I can relate!  Deal with your clutter.  Got something specific you need to deal with?  Check out the “challenge” tag at Unf$%^ Your Habitat.  Profane, but solid, advice.

Do you have a specific cleaning question?  Is it kind of gross or embarrassing or personal?  Chances are Jolie Kerr at The Hairpin has answered it in her Ask a Clean Person column.

Looking for straight-up olive oil castile liquid soap?  A few options exist out there: option 1, option 2, the Euro version, and your bulk option. (The last option does contain glycerine, which can be coconut-derived.)

Need an air purifier and you’re too cheap to spend between $200-$800 for one? Check out this video to make your own cheaply, I made two for around $70 (includes both the box fans and the highest test filter I could get my hands on), and Mary Kate also made one, and we can both emphatically say they do work. (They do.  Oh so gross! -mk)

If you want something easy like a Swiffer, but don’t want the waste, check out the Libman Freedom Spray Mop.  You fill the spray with your own cleaning materials, so you could use an easy mix of distilled water, white vinegar and some essential oil to wash your floors, and the microfiber pad is washable up to 50 washes.  Say goodbye to chucking Swiffer pads in the garbage. And check out this recipe for infusing orange into vinegar for cleaning.

And lastly, here’s an idea for making Ghetto Febreze.  I had to share this just because of the name, but the version Mary Kate posted this past Wednesday is great too.

Here’s a dish soap recipe I’d like to try, because I’m still using products with coconut in it and my hands get dried out, red, and irritated after doing dishes.  I’d have to sub out the Dr. Bronner’s castile soap, as it still has coconut in it, but I can make my own as described in our DIY Shampoo if Allergic to Coconut post, or check out the ones Mary Kate has linked above (although one of them has coconut in it, if that is a problem for you).

What green and allergy-free cleaning tips do you have to share with us?


    1. Oh, poor you! The whole situation sounds impossible to handle for some (most) people. But it seems like you’re handling it. I’m just trying to cut-off the unnecessary use of harsh chemicals.

      1. Stacey, you handle what you have to, I guess. I started cleaning “green” well before allergies, mostly because I’m cheap and tend to forget things. Now I run out of baking soda instead of cleaner — and it is MUCH cheaper.

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