If it's the end of the World As We Know It…

then let’s go out feeling fine. This is not intended to be a post of great culinary usefulness, but rather

2012-12-14 Fabulous Friday Finds

What’s up Friday people? I love my Foreman grill for how quick it is — I’m a VERY late convert,

2012-12-07 Fabulous Friday Finds

It’s FRIDAY! Want to try some more Hanukkah traditional foods?  Check out this list.  Yep, it’s mostly fried foods. Need

2012-11-30 Fabulous Friday Finds

And here we are on the last day of November, heading in to the home stretch for 2012.  Assuming that

2012-11-23 Fabulous (Black) Friday Finds

Are you too stuffed to move?  Well, good, read these links instead.  They are fabulous, we promise. Black bean burgers

2012-11-16 Fabulous Friday Finds

It’s Friday once again, time for more neat things we found on the web this week. I’ve been looking for

2012-11-09 Fabulous Friday Finds

Yippee, Friday!  Woo hoo! We’re getting closer to the wire if you’re doing the whole Thanksgiving hoopla. And if you’re

2012-11-2 Fabulous Friday Finds

Once again we’re here with the stuff we found when we surfed the net for you. Okay, I need to