It’s Winter, Warm Yourself Up Chili

I’ve been working on this recipe a while and this is another one of my fire breather recipes.  This is

2013-1-11 Fabulous Friday Finds

It’s Friday!  Let’s share some fun stuff. Does life feel like THIS sometimes?  Yes, yes it does. However, Maria’s post

Whatever Wednesday: Household Scrubbing and Drains

Here, look at this pretty photo of Star Island’s research center, as my bathtub isn’t that exciting. Why not start

Miraculous ALLERGEN-FRIENDLY Fried Cheez Nuggets

When Denise and I sat down to discuss things we needed to learn to make, things we could not longer

2013-01-04 Fabulous Friday Finds

You’ll note that I’m (Denise) posting pictures from summer. It’s a mite cold here in New Hampshire, and it’s terribly

Whatever Wednesday: Good Green Cleaning for People with Allergies

New Year, new resolutions, right?  I have been transitioning to chemical-free cleaning for the past few years.  When I moved

A Year In Review, 2012

First full year post-apocalypse.  How have we done?  Let’s chat. MK’s Take: I know that we haven’t been online for

2012-12-28 Fabulous Friday Finds

It’s Friday, again, so let’s be fabulous. (The picture is to make us feel better about the snowy mess we