Margarita Tropical Fruit Salad

So, last weekend it snowed in New Hampshire, and this weekend it’s been 95°F all weekend. Hilarious. I don’t handle

2013-05-31 Fabulous Friday Finds

Alyson Kramer’s new book is out, and she’s shared the recipe for Avgolemano — Greek Lemon Rice soup. Quick and

Gluten-free Bread Rounds

I was trying to make pita bread.  Which, this really isn’t.  Mainly in that it’s not as dry as pita

2013-05-24 Fabulous Friday Finds – BBQ Recipe Roundup Edition

Is anyone else stunned that it’s almost June?  And also really happy to have a holiday weekend? Since Memorial Day

Tandoori Chicken Burgers

Hey, it’s our second burger post!  I really hope you’re finding some options or getting some ideas about what to

2013-05-17 Fabulous Friday Finds

First off, just wanted to relate one of my (Denise) recent discoveries/unventions this week (unvention is intentionally misspelled, it’s a

Falafel Burgers

So we’re heading into picnic and cookout weather, and we have some holidays coming up that might result in you

Tzatziki Sauce (Using a Cashew Base)

Since we can’t have falafel without Tzatziki Sauce (well, you can, but it’s better with), I had to get together