2013-04-26 Fabulous Friday Finds

Red lentil and broccoli dal?  Yum.  I will try this. It is WAY too early to be thinking berries —

UPDATED – DIY Shampoo if Allergic to Coconut on Whatever Wednesday

  EDITED TO ADD : Please go see the newest version of this recipe – it’s a lot better!! – UPDATED

Post 100: The Magic of the Chocolate Chip.

Because it’s Earth Day, and it’s our 100th post, we thought we should make cookies.  Because cookies are round, like

2013-04-19 Fabulous Friday Finds

So, things I plan to try this week: crockpot orange chicken and “perfect” broccoli.  I kind of think they will

Awesome Curry

Disclaimer: This is not an original recipe.  But it’s the best curry I’ve ever made at home, and as such,

2013-04-12 Fabulous Friday Sunshine Awards!

We won a Very Important Award!  And it’s better than a leg lamp.  Laura at Ruby Bastille nominated us because

Hot & Crazy Noodles Apocalypse Style

Before the food allergy apocalypse hit, one of the things I really liked was Thai food, and one of the

2013-04-05 Fabulous Friday Finds

As a follow-up to our maple syrup post, please check out this Very Serious News Report on the maple syrup