2015-07-10 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

A bush in Denise's back yard that needs identifying - Anyone know what it is?
A bush in Denise’s back yard that needs identifying – Anyone know what it is?

Why is the week after a holiday always a nightmare? In any case, I’m pretty glad it’s Friday. 

I (Denise) found an article about a study that’s in process for a patch to treat milk allergies by desensitizing the person by introducing increasing levels of allergen over time. I have mixed feelings about this. I’d love to have a cure to my food allergies, but continuing to eat my allergen for years after diagnosis (see my page) made me worse, and I suspect overwhelmed my immune system in conjunction with other factors to result in my current level of 15 food allergies (I haven’t updated my page to include my newest food allergy, eggplant, which resulted in anaphylaxis and a ride to the ER in an ambulance). Honestly, I’d probably need 20 to 30 years of long term data to show that there’s no ill effects (same reason I haven’t had Lasik eye surgery), and I just don’t have enough time left on the planet probably. Unless I become a cyborg when they invent that in 20 years. (I am first in line to go cyborg. — MK)

I’m starting to see purslane weeds in my garden, and supposedly it’s edible, and a really good source of Omega-3, and Vitamins E and C. Since most grocery store produce is either waxed, sprayed or gassed, and is usually corn contaminated…I keep thinking about eating it. Serious Eats had an article on foraging it. I’ll let you know if I bite the bullet and try it. Also, I’m thinking it would make really easy cheap ground cover near my patio. So what if it’s a weed? (There is not a recipe for it in my “Wild Plants to Eat: Workbook Number One,” but there is a lovely line drawing that I colored back in 6th grade when we did this workbook. You need to borrow this! — MK)

I am intrigued by this raw tart involving a seed-based crust (instead of nuts, which is typical), a coconut creme, and ripe peaches. I’m new to liking peaches (which I hated all the years I lived in Georgia), but they are in season now, and these tarts are so pretty.

I am heartened (yet not hopeful) that there is a push within the community of doctors to make sure that there is SOME training in diet and nutrition during medical school. Every little bit helps, right?

Because it’s Friday, and as Denise said, it’s been a week, here’s a bonus: some ridiculous photos of baby animals pushing grocery carts. Hey, it’s sort of food-related, right?

Have a great week everyone!

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