2015-06-19 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Abe Lincoln, Chicago
Abe Lincoln, hanging out in his own park, with his protected bird species.

It just felt like a good time for President Lincoln, from Chicago.

So. What did you read this week?

Mary Kate got excited by the idea that Ben and Jerry’s might enter the vegan ice cream market next year. I say “might” because, despite the announcement, they don’t even know what the base will be, so, who knows? They are looking at coconut and almond, I gather. If you like coconut ice cream and want it now, see if you can find Steve’s in your area. They’ve recently made it to New Hampshire (or, rather, my friend Jodi told me about this and a hunt ensued), but the non-dairy flavors are hard to find. If dairy isn’t your issue, I hear the regular flavors are good (and many are gluten-free and/or egg-free).

These vegetable spring rolls are gorgeous. I think I need to make them soon. I might mix up the veggies, though — two different bell peppers seems like too much pepper; I’m not sure you’d taste anything else.

So I finally figured out that the blisters that show up on my feet after an exposure to corn actually has a name, Dyshidrosis. My reactions are not as extreme as those depicted, but at least I feel like I know what it is, and that I’m not the only one that gets it.  If you get weirdo little fluid filled blisters on your hands or feet after an allergy exposure, check out the link. 

So I just saw this recipe for 4 Ingredient AIP Flatbread Recipe, which was paleo and vegan, and I clicked reluctantly, because nine times out of ten, if it’s paleo, it has coconut in it and I’m allergic to coconut.  But the main ingredient was butternut squash flour.  Apparently there’s a company called Anti-Grain which sells butternut squash, sweet potato, and apple flour. I need to check this out. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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