2013-04-19 Fabulous Friday Finds

So, things I plan to try this week: crockpot orange chicken and “perfect” broccoli.  I kind of think they will

2013-04-12 Fabulous Friday Sunshine Awards!

We won a Very Important Award!  And it’s better than a leg lamp.  Laura at Ruby Bastille nominated us because

2013-04-05 Fabulous Friday Finds

As a follow-up to our maple syrup post, please check out this Very Serious News Report on the maple syrup

2013-03-29 Fabulous Friday Finds

Last Friday of March.  Has it become a lamb?  Do we have sun and spring yet? If it’s not sunny

2013-3-22 Fabulous Friday Finds

So it’s Friday, here’s the wacky and wonderful we found this week. So if you are allergic to eggs but

2013-03-15 Fabulous Friday Finds

Welcome to Friday.  Has it been a week for you?  It has for me. Are you gluten-free?  Yes?  Well, are

2013-03-08 Fabulous Friday Finds

Hey, look!  It’s Friday again.  How’d that happen? I (Mary Kate) am hoping to go snowshoeing in far northern New

2013-03-01 Fabulous Friday Finds

March!  For the new month, we’ve brought you the first phase of a blog overhaul!  Please (kindly) let us know