2018-02-02 Fabulous Food Allergy Fridays

Horse with Head Lowered, Edgar Degas at the MFA in Boston
Horse with Head Lowered, Edgar Degas at the MFA in Boston

As Denise and I have been going back through the blog, you might have noticed we’ve tweaked some tags and categories of recipes. Why? Because we’re thinking about how we talk about food; it matters.

We’ve all heard a lot about turmeric, but this infused golden milk is a recipe I might actually try (with non-dairy milk, obviously).

I (Denise) saw this article in Saveur – A Visit to the Best Little Spice Shop in Cambridge. You know, Cambridge, MA is not that far from New Hampshire, but they do have online ordering. I’d love to try some of the rarer stuff. Because, you know, my spice collection inventory spreadsheet isn’t long enough. 

I’m working on cleaning up some ingredients I have stockpiled, and found this Buckwheat Noodle recipe. I might give it a try and make some soba noodle like dish with some of the whole buckwheat I have in the cabinets after I grind it to flour in the Vitamix. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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