2017-12-22 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Where we wish we were going to be during our blog break
Where we wish we were going to be during our blog break

We’re fast approaching the Christmas holiday, and I’m (Denise) really craving Christmas cookies. I think I want to make up a batch of my Spritz or Cookie Press Cookies (gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free) and a batch of my Gingerbread Frosted Cookies (yeah, I made them for Valentine’s day, but I have Christmas cookie cutters too). I will have to fiddle with them because I used chia see in the original recipe, and that’s now on the “I’m pretty sure I’m allergic based on reactions, but I haven’t bothered to conduct a challenge yet to prove it” list. Which means I don’t eat it, so I don’t know why I have the two lists, i.e. documented allergies and stuff I am pretty sure is an allergy, but feel like I need conduct a food challenge to make a call. Denial, maybe?

I’m thinking that a nice salmon dish might be a good NYE dish (if you can eat fish, of course). I like the idea of a foil wrap for clean up and even cooking. But for Christmas, we’re making the Spicy Red Wine Crusted Cranberry Pork Loin roast. I hope your holiday foods are wonderful.

We’ve decided to take a blog break over the holidays. We’ll return to posting on Monday January 8, 2018.  See you in the New Year!

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