2017-12-01 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Pottery at the Museum of Fine Arts - it seemed ironic as corn is death for me (Denise)
Pottery at the Museum of Fine Arts – it seemed ironic as corn is death for me (Denise)

Okay so this isn’t related to food allergies at all, but you should check out these fiber art sculptures. I should have posted this around Halloween, but I just came across them recently. They are weird and wonderful and a lot of work. I (Denise) think this one is my favorite. 

I can’t use food coloring, corn starch, or non-stick cooking spray for obvious reasons, but I may be able to monkey around with this homemade jelly bean recipe and it may give me the key to the hard candy outer shell. Maybe I’ll be able to make a homemade version of Skittles one day yet. 

I was sharing Thanksgiving menus and recipes with some friends, and someone made this Dijon-braised Brussels sprouts recipe (a fun title for the copy editor in all of us). It looks amazing, and I will definitely be trying it.

Also on the menu soon, this tomato chicken stew (contains coconut), which sounds quick and easy. Which, since it’s now December, is the theme of this month’s recipes! We’re doing quick work-night meals. There are plenty of good fancy holiday recipes and meal ideas, but you still have to eat all the other days of the month, too. We’ll try to help. Tune in Monday for the first post of this series.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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