2017-11-03 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Flight of 100% gluten-free beers from Ghostfish Brewery in Seattle
Flight of 100% gluten-free beers from Ghostfish Brewery in Seattle. While I [MK] don’t drink a lot of beer and usually prefer darker beers, the Meteor Shower (far left) is pretty good and made a great pot roast.
If you read about the person who had a walnut allergy and died because they were using walnut shells to sandblast, it is disquieting.  Allergic Living had an article with an allergist about risks of airborne reactions. I (Denise) have to admit, I’m not satisfied with the article. It’s hard to quantify why, but it does not seem to take it seriously enough. What do you think? Have you had an airborne reaction? I have. [I have not read this article yet, but people should be aware of walnut shell blasting. It’s one of the most building-friendly blasting materials because it doesn’t destroy the baked exterior coating of brick, so it is most likely to be used on historic buildings. The area should be cleaned and washed after that, so long-term, it probably isn’t a hazard, but during cleaning (or if used indoors?) it would be really unsafe for someone with a walnut allergy — MK, your resident building expert.]

I have a commercial spice blend of Ras El Hanout but it’s not from a particularly safe source, so finding this recipe for it was a nice surprise. I can make it out of my trusted sources and feel better about using it. Also, the stuff is really yummy.

Oh, look, pumpkin spice waffles. But these are gluten-free and vegan, and I might have to give them a try. I don’t want pumpkin or spice in my coffee (blech. Just give me COFFEE.) but I do want them in my waffles. (*corn & coconut, oat flour, probably modifiable).

A Deborah Madison guide on which squashes you need to peel? YES PLEASE. I love squash but kind of hate preparing it most of the time.

Have a nice weekend everyone!




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