2017-09-28 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Morning Glories in Denise's backyard
Morning Glories in Denise’s backyard

So this is not really news to anyone who has food allergies or food sensitivities — only an oral challenge can confirm an allergy. But it does speak to how inconclusive the testing can be and how much of a moving target our reactions can be.

Also, fermented carrots, because why not?

So the salt thing just gets better and better, although I’m (Denise) sure there’s really mold spores everywhere – Sea Salts Bring Potentially Harmful Mold to the Table, Researchers Find.  Many of us with food allergies are also allergic to mold, so hey that’s fun. (Please note sarcasm.)

And just because I’ve been such a downer with the science articles lately, here’s a fun quiz on pasta shapes from Saveur.  I got 12 out of 16. Maybe I’ll even try to make some of these shapes the next time I make gluten-free, egg-free pasta. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


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