2017-07-28 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Purple-blue hydrangea flowers at an awkward angle

One of the things that is continually a problem for me (Denise) is doctors, nurses, radiologists, and pharmacists trying to give me things that contain my allergies and trying to tell me that it’s not a problem. To be honest, my patience (not that I had any to begin with) is completely exhausted. So in the event that someone poisons me or attempts to poison me, after I’ve taken the trouble to call in advance to try to educate them and plan a safer alternative and they’ve ignored me, I’ve decided that it may be time to file complaints with the hospital, the hospital’s accreditation organization and any state regulatory agencies. This will be different in every state and for every hospital so I can’t provide links, but maybe it’s time for those of us who have allergies that are not top 8 to start getting more aggressive about expecting a decent standard of care. Also, maybe it’s time we start reporting every adverse incident of cross contamination and hidden ingredients in food products and drugs to the FDA, which you can do here.

In other depressing news, I came across this article about vendors at farmer’s markets in Tampa lying about growing the food, lying about the source of the food, lying about it being local, and lying about it being organic or how it was processed. At this point, given all the fraud in our food system, I pretty much feel like I’m chancing a potential reaction unless I grew the food and processed it myself. 

And because after all that, you probably need comfort food, check out these fried Chegodilu snacks. I think the only thing I’d have to change is leaving out the sesame seeds, since I’m allergic to sesame. 

On another non-depressing note, here are some interesting storage ideas for the kitchen. I haven’t owned my own kitchen in years, and I’m sure not paying to renovate a rental, but for some reason, looking at fancy storage solutions still fascinates me?

Also fascinating, all the things that can make a tea or tisane, like these dried omija berries that make a popular Korean tea. I will have to look for them.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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