2017-06-02 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Daffodils in Denise's backyard
Daffodils in Denise’s backyard

Well, it’s spring in New Hampshire, and I’m (Denise) working on getting my garden in gear. And because we’ve had so much rain, I’ve had to cool my jets a bit and wait. During the wait, my mom (who is visiting from AZ) and I inventoried my canned goods.  Since I have a fair bit of jams and jellies left, I might need some other things to do with some of my fruits this year that have some more savory applications. This Blueberry Sage Chutney looks like it might fit the bill with a few ingredient swaps.  And maybe I’ll try making some fruit leather this year, besides what I freeze or can. This Strawberry and Lime Fruit Leather is pretty basic for those us with dehydrators, and here’s an Apple Cinnamon Fruit Leather you can make in your oven. 

I am thinking about vegetables. But I’m also not yet over soup — so this Korean Bean Sprout Soup sounds like an amazing way to use some of the freshest earliest growing things. Also? Here is The Kitchn’s roundup of lettuce-free salads, for when you get sick of the new leaves.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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