2017-05-12 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday


Irises blooming in Denise's backyard
Irises blooming in Denise’s backyard last year

This is food related sort of. I (Denise) really love cooking with my cast iron. But I’m kinda spoiled because some of the pieces I have are older cast iron with a really smooth finish, because they are pieces that were in the family or I scored them at yard sales. The newer manufacturing process doesn’t produce as smooth a surface and my largest Lodge skillet has a pebbly finish to it. I found this video online that tells you how to polish a cast iron skillet to a mirror finish. Since I have a drill, and the quick strip head is only $6.00, I might have to try it. (This sounds great. I have an old small skillet that really could use some work. -MK)

Since it’s still condiment month, the Minimalist Baker has this Vegan Mexican Cheese recipe in three versions, a shakeable version, a spreadable version, and a queso version that sounds interesting. I would need to do some subs, but it might work for me. 

I was looking for something else, but stumbled on this Korean version of doughnuts, stuffed with sweet red bean paste. Red bean paste was something I wasn’t really familiar with until I started working in the Chinatown International District, but it is definitely one of my favorite new flavors.

This recipe for Shitake-Lime Lettuce cups intrigues me.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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