2017-05-05 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

A robin who has commandeered part of Denise's deck
A robin who has commandeered part of Denise’s deck

It’s condiment month, and since I’m (Denise) looking for things to explore, and finding neat stuff at the same time that’s not really helpful to my recipe development, I’m sharing. This Clean Eating Catalina dressing recipe looks like something I could do, if I sub out their suggested sweeteners for my safe sugar, and it would be a nice change from my random vinaigrettes. 

This Seeni Sambol Onion Relish looks like an amazing thing to try, and sounds like it would be fabulous on everything. 

Also, although I’m not vegan, fish sauce can be hard to source safely. I bet I could I play with this recipe for Vegan Fish Sauce with my allergy constraints to get something close.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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