2017-04-28 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Bright spring tulips in the Seattle rain.

Here’s hoping you have some indications of spring where you are. And hey! That’s our theme today! Apologies if you’re in Australia, where it is not spring.

Although, if you’re like us, spring comes with a host of other allergens in the air. Woo! What’s your best tip for surviving spring pollen? MaryKate’s is to wash your hair before bed. Yes, that might make mornings weird (I just wet it down again), but it means you don’t sleep with your face in your pollen-filled hair. Makes a world of difference.

In other spring things, how about Magic Spring Cakes? Or Spring Garlic Sauce? Are you planning your garden, like Denise? And if you haven’t had enough bunnies (so, basically, if you aren’t MaryKate, as everyone else seems to love them), how about these vegan, gluten-free “cheese” crackers? You could make yours a non-evil shape, even.

Have a good weekend, everyone. And share those allergy season tips in the comments!

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