2017-04-07 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Cassini hosts the blog. She might be having a teenage years moment here.
Cassini hosts the blog. She might be having a teenage years moment here.

There’s weird stuff going around here. I’m (Denise) hoping not to catch it since I can’t really use any over the counter cold remedies due to the corn allergy. I often will have a cup of sage tea for a sore throat, but I’m wondering if I could use this Sage Simple Syrup and maybe make something like a cough drop. 

I accidentally bought 20 pounds of onions. Not all at once, but I bought a 10 pound bag and then bought another 10 pound bag a week later, so there’s a lot of onions here. Even though my onions aren’t red onions, I can’t imagine that these Quick Pickled Red Onions would be bad with white onions. I still have some beet puree for frosting food coloring in the freezer I could probably throw in to make them pink even. 

Do you ever use the Snack Safely Guide? I am sure it’s not great for those of you with corn issues, so don’t get your hopes up, but if corn is not your issue, it seems useful. I’ve had to find a lot of new things since changing coasts, so any guide I can dig up seems useful. Might be super-handy if you’re working on Easter baskets, too.

And I’m pretty sure I’ve shared these before, but if you celebrate Easter and believe celebration food is worth a bit of extra effort, these carrot cake pancakes are delicious. So are these chai pancakes. Or these apple pancakes, or even just straight up pancakes. ALL gluten-free and vegan.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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