2017-03-17 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Stella visiting New Hampshire
Stella visiting New Hampshire

So with the blizzard in New Hampshire this week, I (Denise) had some thoughts about preparing in the event of power outages and found this article – Preparing for Natural Disasters When Your Family Has Food AllergiesThis is geared towards families with food allergic kids, but it’s applicable to adults with food allergies as well. We need to be ready and have plans in place. I’ve been meaning to make a bug-out kit for months, but haven’t gotten around to it. We all need to get around to it.  (We have the start of one — earthquake country! — but it’s not finished. –mk)

Although this has regular flour and milk in it, I bet it’d work really well with a non-dairy milk and a gluten-free flour mix, and since it’s a potato dish and it’s Irish, I may give making some substitutions a try – Irish Potato Bread.

I love dhal — I think it’s a great, versatile, cheap dish, and this Guyanese-spiced dhal sounds like a new twist to me. Also, it’s still cold, so hot and spicy foods seem like a good idea.

Also a good idea? This vegan beer cheese recipe that could easily be made gluten-free, too, I think.

Have a great weekend everyone! And Happy St. Patrick’s Day, if that’s your thing.


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