2017-03-10 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Battery Street Tunnel, built 1952, SR99, Belltown, Seattle
Battery Street Tunnel, built 1952, SR99, Belltown, Seattle

New Hampshire keeps zigzagging between 0°F and 50°F every couple of days. It’s driving me insane – I’m (Denise) worried about some of the tulip bulbs I planted that keep sending up little spears and then, bam, cold snap. And I’m worried about my apple trees, since the weird weather last year killed my crop. I hope they all make it.  Also, the up and down doesn’t do much for my aches and pains. When it’s cold, I want stews and braises. And this Pakistani Slow-Cooked Lamb Stew (Dumbay Ki Nihari) looks good. I’d have to sub a few things, but it’s pretty doable. 

Because I (Denise)  play with spices so often, I get a lot of spice blends in my Pinterest feed.  And some of them I’d really like to make but I don’t always know the English words for the spices used in some of the posts. Here’s a great Glossary of Indian Spices in English and Hindi that I found and will put to good use. 

I’ve been thinking about St. Patrick’s Day foods, as I’m going to a party that night and need to make a dish to share. While I’m still not sure what to bring, I am sure what to drink. We recently visited Ghostfish Brewing in SoDo, a completely gluten-free (NOT “gluten-removed”!) brewery in Seattle. I admit, I’m not a big beer drinker, so I did not try the beers that night, but they have excellent bar food (seriously, fried butternut squash is amazing) and good knowledge of ingredients and allergy safety. So, for St. Patrick’s Day, maybe a stout. And for day drinking, maybe a vegan Shamrock Shake? Admittedly, this one is more for Jack than for me — ever since we left Chicago and I found out that apparently Grimace does not turn green on St. Patrick’s Day (!!!!), Shamrock Shakes have lost their luster. Then again… milkshakes.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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