2017-02-24 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

An otter at the Sonoran Desert Museum hosts the blog this week
An otter at the Sonoran Desert Museum hosts the blog this week

Today you get a reprise of cute otter. Because, well, cute otter.

At my new job, I’m getting the opportunity to see what a giant Lunar New Year banquet celebration looks like — and the short answer is that it’s kind of awkward when you can’t eat half the food! It’s an amazing spread, served family-style to each table, and even if you don’t catch the server, someone at the table will tell you what each dish is. I admit, I’ve taken my chances with a few dishes, but I didn’t even bring my Nima sensor given that it can’t detect soy sauce. The steamed crabs and steamed ginger chicken were definitely tasty, though, and I love the seaweed salads (not safe for anyone with sesame allergies). This site lists traditional dishes from around the world that are typically gluten-free. It only looks at gluten, and these are the traditional preparations, so still ask your questions. Or, make your own at home — and check out our gluten-free hoisin sauce and soy-free tamari recipes.

And because apparently this week’s theme from me is sauces, also check out this recipe for Green Seasoning, an adaptable staple of Caribbean cuisine that sounds amazing.

One of the things I (Denise) need to work on is preparing for potential medical situations. Given my IgE allergies and other medical issues, I need to be prepared, at least, more than I am now.  The Corn Allergy Girl just posted a new post on Hospital and Medical Safety With a Corn Allergy and how to prepare for longer hospital stays. It’s good reading for anyone with a corn allergy, as well as her post on ER Safety: Emergency Medical Treatment With a Corn Allergy.

For those of you who make your own vanilla extract and wait months for your beans to steep with your safe alcohol, check out this blog post from Tidbits about doing it in the Instant Pot fast, fast, fast. I’m going to have to try it, since I have an Instant Pot.  

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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