2016-11-11 Friday. Just Friday

This is Ruby. She's actually not depressed, she just doesn't know how to cat all that well.
This is Ruby. She’s actually not depressed, she just doesn’t know how to cat all that well.

This is kind of how the end of this week feels, so we’ve not got much in the way of food links just now. We don’t generally share our politics on a food blog, and we’re not planning to make a habit of it. But know this: Denise and MaryKate are both women’s college graduates who have supported a variety of feminist causes over time. We’re also both adults with chronic health conditions who are definitely worried about a slate of candidates elected to office promising to repeal the ACA, a health care insurance reform act that bans companies from discrimination based on pre-existing conditions. MaryKate also spent the week fighting with her existing health insurance company (still insured, now through COBRA extended coverage to cover the gap until my new job’s health insurance kicks in) because of billing errors and miscommunications.

We’ll see what happens. We plan to continue to create and write recipes that are friendly towards those who have food allergies and their friends and family who care enough to try to cook for them. We plan to continue to advocate for a full and flavorful and exciting diet that’s safe for you. But we’re going to take a break from fun recipes, just for today, while we worry about the future.

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