2016-1-08 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Little Fish Napkin Rings that Denise picked up in a thrift store this weekend
Little Fish Napkin Rings that Denise picked up in a thrift store this weekend

It’s Friday, and winter weather appears to have finally hit in NH. I (Denise) am less than thrilled, but here’s some links to distract you. 

At AllergicChild, they did a post on Follow the Money: Where is Your Donation to a Food Allergy Non-Profit Going? While I (Denise) have not had time to completely fact check this blog post and go look at all the IRS Form 990’s referenced, (which you can do here if you set up a free account), in reviewing the first one I picked, it appears legit. I haven’t yet donated to food allergy organizations because I’m generally cranky about the short shrift given to those with adult onset food allergies, and in addition, the lack of focus and concern given to those who have severe food allergies that aren’t in the “Top 8”. This post does not increase the likelihood of me making a donation, unfortunately.

I’m going to be doing some challenges of further suspect foods in the next few months, and in anticipation of possibly losing additional ingredients (everyone cross your fingers that I don’t), I’ve been looking at alternative pasta recipes. Check out this Mung Bean flour Spaghetti, Pappardelle Pasta et al recipe from Allergy Foodie. I’ve got some mung bean flour, so I may have to give it a go. 

I (Mary Kate) feel like I’m in a cooking rut, and my favorite way to break out of that is to go buy some weird vegetable. One winter, I played “stump the teenaged cashier” for a month — if they had to ask me what it was as they rang up my order, I won.  This recipe for Sesame Chicken Salad is interesting, but not exactly my cup of tea. It did, however, inspire me to look for celeriac root and give it a try. I LOVE celery. I also checked out my go-to site for “weird” veggies (defined as: anything I haven’t eaten yet), Veggie Venture, so I have a few ideas. Maybe we’ll have a celeriac post up soon ourselves.

I’m also really liking The Kitchn’s “Uncommon Grain” series, as I have these in my house and don’t really do interesting things with them most of the time. Lemony millet with beans sounds good, though I admit, I don’t really love butter beans and would probably sub them (and the actual butter) out.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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