2016-09-30 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Part of Denise's garden harvest
Part of Denise’s garden harvest

Greetings from the road! I (MaryKate) am somewhere in Pennsylvania or Ohio or Illinois or somewhere. I’m surviving this trip with staples like apples, rice cakes, and chocolate chips. I’m also enjoying what might be my last batches of Nuttin’ Ordinary vegan cashew cheese for a while. This Harrisville, NH company makes an excellent spreadable cheese substitute that travels incredibly well. Hopefully they’ll make it to the west coast before too long.

And because moving across the country is not cheap, this roundup of “budget-friendly” rice-based dishes is definitely welcome. Luckily, I love rice. (Not all allergy-friendly, but all pretty adaptable.)

Well, since Mary Kate is off to new adventures in Seattle, I’ll be holding the fort on the east coast. For those of you who are local, and who are into fiber arts, the Wool Arts Tour is coming up next weekend. Maybe I’ll drown my sorrows in yarn, haha, since any old excuse will do for buying yarn.  

Speaking of drowning your sorrows, I found this article from Food & Wine about what’s really in your wine, which is really depressing and probably why I react to most American wines, and about 25% of the time with wines made elsewhere. I guess I’ll be trying to make some wine with my grapes this year even though I froze them. 

Have a great weekend everyone and send safe travel vibes to Mary Kate!

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