2016-06-24 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Our score at the farmstand
Our score at the farmstand circa 2012: The day we grilled all the things.

Welcome to summer, people. Is it hot where you are? New Hampshire has gone straight to 90 in an attempt to get summer going right off the bat. We finally got our overhaul done (you know, the one we took a break for in May? Yeah, that one. Turns out it is harder to hire a web designer than you’d think.) and we’d love to know what you think. We do know there are broken links, and we’re working on a plan to deal with those, but let us know what else you like (or don’t!) about our new look.

This two-article series on the spread of Chinese-Canadian cuisine to every small town is fascinating. My Chinese great-grandfather ended up in a tiny tiny town in Wisconsin (not working in a restaurant), but the history of the spread of a Chinese-North American cuisine across our continent is really interesting.

Have you seen the rise of “breakfast bowls” and smoothie bowls across the food internet? I admit, I’m not super drawn to the smoothie bowl idea. But this breakfast bowl uses half a cantaloupe for the bowl, and I might need to try that. Cantaloupe is my favorite fruit (when it is in season! No tasteless out-of-season mush.) and I’m looking forward to experimenting with it soon.

Some one in the corn group posted this link for Earth Diva Cosmetics. Looks very promising, the foundations and eye shadow look relatively free of corn, coconut and wheat. Maybe I (Denise) could have eye shadow again without figuring out how to make it. 

Some day I’m going to Avery Island to see where the Tabasco peppers grow.  I’ve got about 8 plants in the garden this year, we’ll see how they do. 

Have a great weekend, everyone — and let us know what you’re reading!

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