2016-04-29 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Ginger Root. Ludicrous size.
Ginger Root. Ludicrous size. This is about 12 inches long-ways.

So I bought this giant ginger a few weeks ago on a shopping trip with Denise. But what to do with so much ginger? I admit. I bought it without a plan. After asking Facebook, my winning idea was a lemon-ginger sorbet with some spices. Someone suggested five spice, but I think I may not use all five. I’m working with this sorbet recipe and this one.

I know that we all read food labels for ingredients and the oh-so-insufficient warnings. Do you read the nutrition panels? Do you know how vague they are? Yeah. Not surprising, but also sorry.

Well, for those of us with some shellfish allergies, this plastic wrap made out of crustacean shells is going to be a nightmare. Good for the earth, bad for those with allergies, sigh.

And you thought Mary Kate and I did weird things with food ingredients – check out this guy who makes musical instruments out of food.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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