2016-04-22 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

kitchen at the Breakers
Amazing kitchen at The Breakers, Newport, Rhode Island

Is anyone else completely jealous of the counter space in this kitchen? Granted, The Breakers was the Vanderbilt summer “cottage” in Newport, RI, so this kitchen was run by a legion of servants. I’d love ot have just the one big counter table in the middle. The Breakers is worth visiting, definitely.

So I (Mary Kate) was traveling a lot, and I can’t make hash browns in the mornings when I’m traveling. It’s granola or oatmeal for me. So I’m doing my best to make up for lost time. I think I will try this technique for great crispy hash browns.

In a grand adventure with Denise last weekend, my “I’ve-been-out-of-town-and-have-no-food” grocery trip turned into a three-ring circus adventure involving the new Saigon Market in Manchester, the new Whole Foods in Bedford, and my normal Market Basket in Concord. (I would like to note that this was in no way my fault, I just suggested checking out Whole Foods and popping in at Saigon since we would be close by and I wanted a duck, which they did not have. Sigh. Market Basket was because she couldn’t live without hash browns -D). I bought a ginormous ginger root at the Saigon, and have ginger for eons now, so I’ve been reading things like 10 Ways to Use Ginger Root. Got a favorite ginger recipe you’d like to share?

While this is not particularly helpful to me, because corn is the devil so I just bring in everything I intend to eat or drink and cart out my dirty dishes and there is no such thing as eating out for me anymore, this article might be helpful for some of you, Managing Food Allergies at the Office. It also doesn’t mention having an emergency plan, which you really need to have. 

During our grocery “adventure”, Mary Kate was talking about kebabs. Since we got the grill out this past weekend, and she got me thinking about it, I might want to try this recipe for Versatile Marinade for Lamb and Pork Souvlaki.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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