2016-04-08 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

"World's Tallest" filing cabinet -- or at least the tallest in Vermont
“World’s Tallest” filing cabinet — or at least the tallest in Vermont

In honor of our day jobs as bureaucrats (and Mary Kate’s upcoming conference presentation on the same) can I present a really tall file cabinet from Vermont?

For traveling, what do you pack for snacks? Here are some non-allergy ideas, but what do you take? I pack at LOT of cashews and dried fruit, I usually make a rice-based vegetable dish to eat on the plane, and I try to bake some cookies or something so that I don’t feel deprived. For the stay, if I’m in a hotel, I always pack instant cereal (usually oatmeal, but who knows what I’ll do going forward) and tea bags (I’m particular about my morning tea).

I am not sure I’ll be anywhere that I can see or order a sushi burger any time soon, (though I did see a sushi burrito, finally) but I think I have to try this sushi rice bun idea. I am not sure I’d bother with the top bun, but the bottom one would be a great base for food.

In science news there’s  a new study from researchers at University College Cork, that our gut microbes might affect the structure and function of the brain, by regulating myelination, the process by which nerve fibers are insulated so that they can conduct impulses properly.

And here’s a piece on food fraud from NPR that made me very unhappy although it’s fairly short on detail. It’s getting to the point that unless I made it myself, I don’t trust what’s on the label to be what’s in the package. And to make it worse, you can search the food fraud database to see what’s been reported out there. Ugh. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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